Stewart After School Program

Stewart After School Program

  • November 2011
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University Academy after school program with Stewart Middle School is in full swing. There are a variety of classes students may participate in including, Nutrition,Karaoke, Soccer, Art, Math Skills, Cosmetology and Visual Creations. The halls are jam packed with students eager to participate in their scheduled activities. One student, Jerruni Adkins, participates in Cooking/Nutrition, Cosmetology and Visual Creations. Jerruni said she really enjoys her activities, she says her favorite part is learning things that she can use in the real world. “In school I know all the subjects are important, but then I get to the after school program and I can learn how to cook things that are really tasty and are good for you too! Its awesome to be able to learn things that can keep me healthy and its also just really fun,” Jerruni told me of the after school program. Jerruni has aspirations to become a Doctor, or have her own cooking show and she thinks the after school program will help her learn information to help her achieve these dreams. One of the aspects of the University Academy program is the college tutors from UT Tyler that assist with the classes and teach their own lessons.

One of these tutors is Brizhette Blanton, Junior and an Education Major. Brizhette said that this program has solidified her decision to become a middle school teacher.Ms.Blanton said, “I love working with the kids. I get to do what I love, teaching the arts and crafts I am passionate about, there is nothing quite like getting to see what the students can create. Sure, there are some challenges that every teacher will face, discipline problems and such, but I love being able to see those students who act out in class be able to make something beautiful. You can tell this program makes a difference.” Along with loving her students, she also spoke highly of the faculty saying they are extremely open and polite, “They make you feel as if you have known them forever, they are one big family here with a passion for teaching.” Brizhette said these words of advice for any students looking to become a tutor in the program next year, “I say do it, its extremely rewarding.However, if you decide to be a part of this program you need to fully commit yourself. You need to want to work with them, and you need to bring your talents to the table. Because its very important that you realize how much you can impact their lives.” Looks like this program under site coordinator, Christy Murray, is heading towards a promising and successful year!


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