NSF NOYCE Scholars and Interns

The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers. The program provides funds to institutions of higher education to support scholarships, stipends, and academic programs for undergraduate STEM majors and post-baccalaureate students holding STEM degrees who commit to teaching in high-need K-12 school districts.

NOYCE Interns

NOYCE Interns are Freshmen and Sophomores interested in careers in teaching secondary STEM classes. These individuals apply to work through the summer on various projects involving the STEM program in the Tyler area. Their work is varied, some interns may help plan teacher professional development workshops, monitor students attending STEM camps or collect and organize materials for events. This allows the interns to get to know the STEM community early and helps build a portfolio of experiences that will give you the advantage when it comes to being ultimately hired for a STEM teaching career.


  • Must be a US Citizen interested in teaching a STEM discipline.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA from all college level courses of 2.5 or higher.
  • And must be willing to work through the summer.

If interested in becoming a NOYCE interns Apply with Dr. Bambi Bailey.  Must have a reference from a faculty member in your degree field and if chosen as a semi-finalist must be prepared to be interviewed in front of a selection panel.

NOYCE Scholars

NOYCE scholars are exemplary STEM majors who are interested in becoming secondary education teachers.Through the UTEACH program in four years NOYCE Scholars will have a high level of content knowledge, preparation to be an exemplary STEM teacher, and mentoring by a master teacher for their first five years of teaching to insure their success.


  • Must be a US Citizen ready to commit to the UTEACH program and teaching secondary science or math.
  • Must work in a high needs school district (ex. Tyler I.S.D, Bullard I.S.D, Whitehouse I.S.D) for a minimum of one year per semester of NOYCE support received. This is generally four years.
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA (cumulative of all college courses)
  • Must provide advisor verification that you are in the process of committing to the UTEACH program and have a maximum of 60 hours left in your degree.

To apply contact Dr. Bambi Bailey or click on link below. You need a reference from a faculty member in your degree field, and you must write a 250 word essay that addresses 1) The societal role of STEM education 2) Why you wish to be a STEM teacher and 3) Why you believe you should be a NOYCE scholar. If chosen as a semi-finalist you will be interviewed by a selection panel.

Commitment to this program is rewarded with monetary support of $5,000.00 for the last four semesters of college. This monetary support helps to offset the cost of attendance at the University and allows more time to devote to studying and school activities rather than outside work. This is particularly helpful in the apprentice teaching semester. The University of Texas at Tyler is honored to be able to help support these exemplary and innovative students to reach their learning goals.