The National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions(NASSMC)

A network of state business, education, and public policy coalitions working for systemic change in science, mathematics, and technology education.

A non-profit association, NASSMC works state by state in pursuit of its vision that:

  • All US students will have the necessary knowledge of, understanding of, and skills in mathematics, science, and technology, so they can be productive in their personal, work, and civic lives; and
  • The nation will have a competent and competitive workforce that continues to meet the challenges of the global economy. NASSMC’s member coalitions work to bring coherence and added value to the separate efforts of many individuals and organizations. Coalitions pursue goals not achievable by any one organization or sector working alone.

Specifically, NASSMC:

  • helps each coalition to develop a state-specific strategy to improve mathematics, science, and technology education;
  • links state coalition leaders to each other and to major national initiatives;
  • serves as the national ears and voice of its member coalitions;
  • provides a national forum for the discussion critical issues relevant to the continuous and systemic improvement of mathematics, science, and technology education; and
  • supports timely dissemination of information relevant to the continuous and systemic improvement of mathematics, science, and technology education

This is important because:

  • Only 40% of American workers have the technical skills and understanding required by employers.
  • U.S. Business spends $62 billion per year to upgrade basic skills.
  • American 12th graders ranked near the bottom of 21 nations participating in the Third International Mathematics and Science Survey.
  • Congress has been forced to raise the ceiling on H1-B visas to allow skilled foreign workers to fill critical high tech jobs in the United States.
  • The U.S. faces a critical and worsening shortage of qualified science, mathematics and technology teachers.
  • All Americans need and deserve to receive the best possible education in mathematics, science, and technology for their personal and civic lives.

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