Ingenuity Center Mobile STEM Lab

The Ingenuity Center has developed a mobile lab to enable educators to provide:

  • Hands-on activities to excite and engage students
  • Curriculum support aligned with state and national standards
  • Access to innovative equipment and technology
  • Access to experienced and highly-qualified teachers and curriculum specialists
  • Learning activities covering a wide variety of grade levels and science topics

Use of the UT Tyler Mobile STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Lab allows a campus/district to have access to technology and equipment not readily available to many. In lieu of using scarce funds to purchase equipment that experiences valuable but limited use throughout the year, districts can rent the technology and support necessary for only the time required. The mobile lab allows teachers to provide engaging and meaningful experiences that bring learning to life, and to do so in a budget-conscious manner.

In addition to equipment and technology the Ingenuity Center provides support from a science curriculum development team including former public-school teachers and current university personnel certified in all science disciplines at the middle and high school levels. The amount of curriculum support can be tailored to the needs of the campus or the particular project goal.

The mobile lab may be hired with support personnel or without. It may be hired for various time-frames, from a few hours to multiple days. Basic pricing information may be found by clicking the link at left, but may be affected by participation in various national and state grants. Contact the Ingenuity Center for further details.