Kidz Science Safari

Kidz Movie from Kidz Science Safari on Vimeo.

We have evolved from a fixed location facility into a mobile assembly style organization. Our program, entitled “Kidz Science Safari” consists of a minimum of 12 interactive science exhibits that we bring into schools, churches civic centers – any place with gymnasium size space available. Explore! offers an educational experience that is not duplicated in most regions. Explore! brings the children’s museum experience right to it’s intended audience – kids! No need for permission slips, transportation scheduling or field trip issues. The field trip is right where your children are! It is our desire at Explore! to instill a life-long love of learning in children as a result of their involvement with the Kidz Science Safari.


  • Bubble Tower where kids lift a bubble around themselves;
  • Airways, a physics demonstration that pushes colorful balls all around a maze of clear tubes that students absolutely love;
  • Gravity Wall where students create a pathway of twists and turns and then test their design using small balls and the force of gravity;
  • Human Biology allows students to examine a skeleton and peek into the human body;
  • Magnetism employs several ball bearings drawn by magnets to travel through a maze along with a cartoon portrait that the kid’s apply the “hair, moustache and beard” to by using a magnet and iron filings;
  • Giant Microscope allows the students to examine a nice collection of bugs, flowers, feathers — and any other object they’d like to see “up close” – on a large 21″ screen;
  • Plasma Ball demonstrates an invention of Tesla as well as one of the states of matter;
  • Conductivity has the students compete to see who can complete the course without closing the circuit and lighting the light;
  • Radiometer brightly demonstrates how invisible particles of light can propel an object – and the brighter the light, the more absorption/repulsion of particles;
  • Bernoulli Exhibit demonstrates air pressure in a wonderful, yet simple activity;
  • Geometric Shapes has the student create anything from letters to numbers to trapezoids, squares, triangles – whatever they choose- using jersey loops on a really large pegboard.
  • Domino Race is just that – an area where kids set up dominos in patterns, going up and down “steps” and then with a push – send the dominos crashing into each other while all the time learning about engineering, motion and force.
  • Dino Dig with dinosaur bones, claws and teeth that simulates the search for fossils. And, of course, we are ALWAYS adding more exhibits as we evolve and expand this amazing project.