Boulter After School Program

Boulter After School Program

  • October 2011
  • Posted By icadmin

The University Academy After School Program at Boulter Middle School has taken off to an excellent start. The students are participating in two classes per week, one class is on Monday and Thursday and the second class is Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only to the students have a designated time for fun, creative, and interactive activities but they also have a time designated for homework.

One student (Ailene Diaz), said this of the program, ” I like it because it is really fun. I get to do things fun that I don’t do in school. The teachers are really nice and I like to hug them because they help me with my school work. School is easier now. I like the after school program a lot, I would be sad if I wasn’t in it.” She participates in the programs Media Journalism and Scrapbooking, both of which she described as really fun. All of the students seems to genuinely enjoy these activities. One of the UT Tyler student tutors, Chelsea Almmes, said, ” The students seem to really enjoy interacting with us. Its gotten to the point now where they will come up to us and hug us, they always have some story they want to tell us. I think its because we are younger and seem more accessible to them. All of us in this program find it really important to be a good role model for these students.” Chelsea helps with the Manners and Etiquette class which she remarked on that she has noticed some of the students who tend to be trouble-makers have signed up for this class, she says its really helping them become more polite and hopefully will keep them out of trouble.

Site coordinator Jason DuBose is a huge aspect to this programs success, he works extremely hard to ensure these students have an enjoyable learning environment, and it is very evident he adores these students as they adore him.  Due to all the hard work put in from the teachers, tutors and administration the Boulter after school program has taken all the right steps to help set children on the path for success.