Dogan After School Program

Dogan After School Program

  • November 2011
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The University Academy after school program is up and running at Dogan Middle School. Students can participate in classes like Ipod studies, Karoke and Cooking. One student, Alexis Lunsford, says that she really enjoys the after school program where she participates in Falcon Leadership class, Scrapbooking and Yearbook. She said she started participating in the after school program because her friends were also in the program but now she stays in the program because it is so fun and she can learn lots of really cool things. She also said that she loved having the college tutors there to help, one of the  tutors named Jessica Carter she especially liked because, “she makes everything really fun.”

Alex Stansbury is a Graduate student who studies Special Education, she said at first she was a bit apprehensive about being a tutor and came into the program with an open mind. Alex said she quickly fell in love with the kids and their insatiable curiousity about everything. ” I was surprised by how intelligent they are, and how many questions they have. They seem to be really interested in college and ask me tons of questions about my college experience,” Alex told me of her students. The teachers and the administration seem to love the program just as much, Alex described them as the “heart and soul” of the program, putting in extra hours to the job they love when it isn’t mandatory. Site coordinator Tambalynn Wallace is a buzz of energy who seems to be everywhere at once, her hardwork seems to rub off on everyone else. Dogan Middle School and the University Academy are off to a great year!


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