The Ingenuity Center (formerly the East Texas STEM Center) is a component of the Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) Initiative designed to build on national, state and local efforts to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) achievement among Texas students. The Ingenuity Center focuses on increasing the number of students who study and enter science, technology, engineering, and math career pipeline by providing programs to teachers and students.

The Mission of the Ingenuity Center is to ultimately prepare students to be “STEM College Ready” by improving the STEM preparation of teachers through research, professional development, curriculum development, and technical assistance.

The Ingenuity Center utilizes a six-pronged strategy to address the quality and quantity of STEM teachers in Texas.

Strategy 1: Preparing College and Workforce Ready students
Strategy 2: Supporting STEM teachers and students
Strategy 3: Address the quality of the current STEM teaching force
Strategy 4: Preparing more qualified STEM teachers into the pipeline
Strategy 5: Conducting High Quality Research and Development on the STEM Ecosystem
Strategy 6: Develop Model STEM Academies and Supporting Programs as Demonstration Sites.

The Ingenuity Center also provides a number of services to schools and education institutions across Texas and throughout the nation. The center employs a dynamic staff that can provide technical assistance, content and pedagogical content coaching, program evaluation services, grant writing assistance, vertical alignment assistance to meet College Readiness Standards, development of professional learning communities, school restructuring, and professional development programs live and online.